Rocky Point hotels Puerto Pensaco Mexico

Rocky Point hotels! Make your next Mexico vacation with Desert Oasis Resort, Rocky Point. The rates and amenities of our Rocky Point rental property are the most competitive on the web for Mexico Beach Rentals. If you’re looking for a deal on a resort or hotel in Puerto Penasco, our resort for your Mexico vacation rental needs offers everything from wedding services, RV Park covered spaces, or activities for your spring break activities.

Rocky Point hotels are all over the web. For your Mexico vacation rental, trust the Desert Oasis Resort for all your Mexico vacation needs. When looking for the best Rocky Point rental or Mexico beach rental, Desert Oasis Resort is where you’ll want to be.

When needing a condo or villa for your favorite Rocky Point hotel has the best deal. Click here for a map, of Rocky Point, to help you plan your Mexico Vacation or find the best hotel in Puerto Penasco and Mexico vacation rental. When looking for a Mexico beach rental then the hotel and restaurant is five minutes from the beach and condos and villas are available for reservations. Rocky Point resorts and hotels in Puerto Penasco would share information on your Mexico vacation rental on fishing, golf, wedding services, spring break activities, RV Park campgrounds and more. Don’t forget when planning your spring break or destination wedding Desert Oasis is the best place to be. We can also help you with your RV Park needs.

This Rocky Point hotel is family oriented, if you are looking for a Rocky Point rental property for your Mexico vacation. When looking into a Rocky Point resort or a hotel in Puerto Penasco then this Mexico beach rental is the right place for your spring break. The Desert Oasis Resort, for your Mexico Vacation Rental has many activities if you are planning a wedding or need an RV Park.

The Desert Oasis Resort is a great place to stay if you are coming to Rocky Point. Keeping with Mexican tradition in the rooms, restaurant and resort, the memories from your vacation will stay with you forever.

The resort offers regular rooms, suites and condos for rental. All rooms have plenty of space and are set to make you feel like you are on vacation. With Cable/Satellite, WIFI internet access and the restaurant/bar you will never want to leave The Desert Oasis.

The Watering hole restaurant has live music fish fry every Friday night and a real Texas BBQ on the first Saturday of the month.

You and your family can enjoy the swimming pool and Jacuzzi and all of the painted picturesque murals around the resort.